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11 Types of Shirts Every Man Should Have

Going for a date or getting ready to head out for your workplace, attending a family event, or dressing for a club night in swag, shirts will always come to your rescue! A staple item in every man’s wardrobe that he can wear in accordance with the event, mood, and style. From button-downs to Cuban collars and overshirts to chambrays, a shirt-rich wardrobe will always help you stand out in confidence!

What do we mean by a rich wardrobe? Simply put, having different types of shirts at your disposal! So, regardless of what look or feel you need to carry for today, you can readily explore a range of shirts. In this column, we’re presenting you the list of 11 types of shirts that you need to have in your wardrobe. No questions asked!

From chic style representing a serious reporting manager to a cool dude vibe just outta vacation, all these shirts will question the saying that men are deprived of enough clothing and styling options.

11 Types of Shirts You Need to Have in Your Wardrobe

Dress Shirt

Classic evening shirts you wear to pair with a tuxedo, cut from pique fabric, featuring a pointed, wing, or cutaway collar with double cuffs demanding cufflinks to be worn along with it. Keep things low-key with the dress shirt.

  • Dress shirts are generally made up of high-quality cotton and feature stuff collars with fine stitches and lines.
  • These are long shirts that you would prefer to tuck in and are full front open, having buttons.
  • Dress shirts definitely look good on every individual and give a very classy and sophisticated look.

Flannel Shirt

Best-suited for you if you are living in a cold climate or are in a cold region to keep you warm and stylish. Flannel basically refers to any cotton, synthetic, or wool fabric that features either a brushed or unbrushed texture while being incredibly soft.

  • These shirts are made of thick but soft fabric and follow a traditional checked pattern.
  • Not all materials are suitable for a flannel shirt, such as silk, as it is too fine to be made into flannel.
  • Flannel shirts go best as a layering component, keeping the skin insulated, dry, and warm.


Chambray shirts bring versatility to your wardrobe, being woven in a light fabric and plain-weave construction. These shirts are perfect for any smart casual event just when you need to smarten the lookup.

  • Chambray is a type of natural fabric produced from either linen or cotton with variants such as batiste or cambric.
  • It is a fine and dense fabric, a bit similar to denim, but significantly lighter fabric and more breathable.
  • The weaving process of chambray fabric is pretty darn generic, and the color choices have been typical.

Plaid Shirt

A rather controversial history, but thankfully you can wear plain shirts without worrying today. These shirts are easily recognizable, being the multicolor, vibrant Madras check. You can always associate a plaid shirt with a workwear aesthetic.

  • Plaid is not actually a fabric but a pattern with its origin lying in Scotland.
  • There is almost ‘n’ number of plaid patterns, some of which are linked with Scottish clans.
  • Plaid shirts are naturally formal. You can wear them in casual outfits as well, but they excel when worn in formal and semi-formal outfits.


Over-shirts are our escape from conditions when it is either too cold for a T-shirt or too warm to wear a coat. These are versatile additions to our wardrobe and certainly a perfectly suitable light jacket when the weather is warmer.

  • Simplicity is the key to bringing the best with this type of shirt if we talk about styling.
  • An over-shirt could be anything made from a thicker fabric than a regular shirt and a thinner fabric than a jacket.
  • Flannel, wool, military-inspired, corduroy, and zippers are some of the over-shirts you can add to your wardrobe.

Polo Shirt

Did you get some biceps and triceps to flex? Here’s your perfect outing companion to be added to your wardrobe! Polo shirts are just a step up from the basic t-shirt and have been perfected over decades.

  • You can wear polo shirts for both dressed-up and casual occasions.
  • Polo shirts have been the epitome of both tradition and modern fashion.
  • Polo shirts originated in India and are a staple item in any man’s wardrobe.

Office Shirt

Carry an office look that instantly adds up to your smartness effortlessly. Office shirts are an ideal choice for people working 9-5 desk jobs. You can opt for herringbones and oxfords for a more casual appearance without a tie.

  • Plain white and blue shirts mark the best shirts when it comes to workwear.
  • You can wear them in any office where the norms boast business casual dress codes.
  • Interchangeable terms for these shirts are button-up shirts, dress shirts, or button shirts.

Linen Shirt

Linen shirt for men is the ultimate summer garment sourced from the flax plant. These shirts have the ability to be dyed well, hence, come in all sorts of colors. Moreover, this garment is very breathable and lightweight.

  • Linen check shirts or even bold ones just give you an upscale vacation vibe, making them suitable for business-casual offers.
  • There are plenty of ways in which you can style a linen shirt.
  • You can layer them beneath a jacket or sweater in fall and winter.

Mandarin Collar or Grandad Collar Shirt

These shirts mark the absence of the one elementary shirt detail, the collar. Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s preference for muslin grandad collars back in the 50s took the trend of this shirt global.

  • A lady from New York in 1927 cut off her husband’s shirt collar so that the garment could be washed separately, leading to the birth of the Mandarin collar.
  • The grandad collar is widely linked with workwear looks but is incredibly versatile.
  • You can layer it beneath a crew-neck sweater on colder days without making it visible.

Silk Shirt

Silk is a fabric that features quality and essence like no other fabric. Even though we had silk robes and ties, scarves, and jackets for women for a long time, menswear has been blessed with excellent silk shirts quite recently.

  • Silk shirts are flawless as a party piece and boast a lustrous look like no other cloth.
  • These shirts are certainly one of the simplest ways to blend the material’s low-key finesse.
  • Silk shirts are aesthetically pleasing while being a long-lasting fabric that is excellent for your skin.

Cuban Collar Shirt

These shirts are defined by the small lapel structure folding over to the first button. You can wear Cuban collar shirts both casually and in a tailored form, as their cloth is cut from linen, cotton, terry cloth, or silk.

  • Cuban collar shirts feature a similar silhouette to Hawaiian or bowling shirts.
  • Good quality Cuban collar shirts are flattering to a majority of body shapes.
  • With a Cuban collar shirt, your shoulders will appear broadened.

Summing Up

Some of these shirts must be there in your wardrobe already. These shirts will definitely elevate your wardrobe standards. Shop online to get your hands on classy shirts and have an extensive collection to fill your wardrobe with lovely outfits.

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