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5 Check Shirts To Own This Season

Check shirts have been a wardrobe staple from times unknown. Do you agree? Easy to layer and effortlessly stylish, check shirts are versatile outfits that every man must own. Have you been rethinking purchasing men’s cotton check shirts for the sultry and scorching summers? Worried that the shirt might crinkle a little too much? Don’t overthink! Chequered patterns have survived the highs and lows of seasonal fashion trends. So, not just summers. Check shirts are winning pieces for the spring, autumn, winter, and every season we can think of.

Call it the pop of colour your wardrobe is screaming for or a versatile fit that you could style flawlessly; a check shirt for men is a wardrobe must. In fact, it is surprising to know that you are not a check-shirt veteran already. First introduced by the Celts as the official Highland dress, the pattern has since been in vogue for all generations. Haven’t you watched your father neatly stack his linen check shirts? Durable, smart, and timelessly stylish, check shirts have proudly served the time run.

So, what are the different types of check shirts you should proudly own this summer? 

1. Gingham Shirts

The Gingham is a ubiquitous attire in men’s wardrobes today. Formerly introduced in the mid-18th century, the shirts were first tailored using blue and white as the preferable picks. Do you know what is truly distinct about Gingham? The checkered pattern is created by horizontal and vertical stripes, preferably in the same colour palette or in white. The Gingham check shirt for men is amazingly versatile and super easy to style. Pop on your favourite pair of chinos or club your shirt with tapered and tailored trousers, and you could look refined and sharp in a jiffy.

2. The Tartan Checks

Do you know that the ‘Tartan’ checks have a strong history behind their origin? The design was first introduced by the Celts as the primary Highland dress. The pattern was banned under the Dress Act of 1746. However, the checkerboard pattern was reintroduced as Scotland’s official police uniform and was labelled as ‘Sillitoe Tartan.’

Enough with history! The Tartan checks have penetrated the fashion circles since times immemorial. Once an emblem of tradition, the checks were created by criss-crossing horizontal and vertical stripes. Explore the Pear Tartan check collection and make a voguish mark of your own.

Also known as plaid shirts, these shirts make the perfect attire for a lazy and casual outing. So, pull out your chinos and linen trousers and dress your shirt the right way.

3. The Madras Checks

The name spills that the check pattern originated in Madras, a quaint urban place in the South of India. If you love juggling dressy and colourful shirts, the Madras linen check shirts are undeniably a must-have.

A little about the pattern:

The Madras checks feature designs of bold and colourful stripes that crisscross, forming uneven checks. It serves as preppy attire for casual settings and can easily be paired with form-fitted trousers for a statement approach.

4. Japanese Checks

Men are often confused that Gingham and Japanese checks are one and the same. Is it true though? Absolutely not! The checkered pattern is also known as Ichimatsu and features beautiful and colourful squares that are arranged in an alternate sequence. The hack to style Japanese checks is simple and formal. You can layer the shirt with a casual blazer and pair the elegant checks with structured formal trousers.

5. Tattersall Shirts

The Tattersall checkered patterns features equally spaced horizontal and vertical stripes in either two or three colour shades. Frankly, these checks are not truly fit for a formal setting. Hence, if you are looking to go dressy for a casual Sunday brunch or a hearty and casual event, the Tattersall shirts are a great wardrobe fix.

Wondering how you could pull off a check shirt look without exuding a sharp, formal vibe? Simple! Just pull out your denim or pair the linen check shirts with comfortable and lounging cotton trousers.

In addition to the above-mentioned check patterns, there are multiple other designs that make the cut and crop up as trendy menswear. Are you eager to learn about these unusual men’s cotton check shirts? Let’s give you a quick tour of the checkered styles that you could totally rack up.

Houndstooth shirts – Checkered designs that feature uneven spacing and pointy lines.

Windowpane shirts – Are you surprised to learn that a pattern really exists that mimics the illusion of a window pane? Mostly available in conservative and subtle colours, the shirts appear as appropriate picks for formal workplaces.

Shepherd’s Check Shirts – This type of shirt is fairly different from the usual linen check shirts you are aware of. The designs pop against twill weave fabrics and feature bold and colourful stripes crossing each other to create beautiful checks.

Although a perfect formal attire, do you know how the checks get their name? Well, it is an ode to the plaid designs adorned by the shepherds in the far-off hills of the Scottish borders.

Interesting, right?

Now there’s no excuse not to have a check shirt for men in your wardrobe. Shop and furnish your wardrobe with classic and fashionable check shirts.

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