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5 Ways To Make Your Linen Shirt A Multi-Purpose Wardrobe Essential

The sun’s up; the temperature is rising – what’s your pick of clothing for the sultry summers this year? Believe it or not, nothing beats the comfort of a breathable and light linen shirt for men. The fabric has genuinely been a popular choice for centuries. And why not? Pure linen is incredibly soft on the skin. 

Once apparel for the royalties and priests of Egypt, the fabric has certainly swooped into the fashion circles as a sustainable and versatile option. So, congratulations! You no longer need to be a Pharaoh to dress in luxe linen. 

Why is linen a great choice for men’s fashion? 

It is a no-brainer that linen shirts are timeless, chic, and a must-have in all wardrobes. For a formal affair or a hearty good casual event – linens truly epitomise a versatile and the best man shirt. Yes, it is pricey! However, the texture and the soft, rich feel of the fabric are matchless. 

Some interesting linen facts: 

Linen is a sustainable and eco-friendly option

The fabric is churned from the natural fibres of the flax plant. 

Linen unquestionably sets the benchmark for the most breathable fabric with maximum absorbency. 

Hence, it is only obvious that a linen shirt for men is the perfect summer attire. Think about it – how would denim serve if you are sweating bullets in the hot and temperate weather of India? Heavy and less breathable fabrics are a big ‘No’ for the harsh summers. 

In addition to comfort and light texture, one amazing perk of linen is that linen shirts are incredibly easy to style. Not sure how? Don’t worry! We will help you decode the various ways to style your favourite linen shirt with sass and grace.

1. Effortless and casual is key 

Whether you have your hands on a light colour formal shirt in linen or a peppy one, pairing your shirt with a relaxed and deep blue denim bottom is a safe bet. 

Well, the rules are not over it! 

An ensemble is only good if it perfectly complements from head to toe. For example, if you are hanging out for a casual pickup, pull out your kicks and loafers to finish the polished linen look. 

Do you need words of advice on the go-to styles and must-have colours for your linen wardrobe? Remember, neutrals, pastels, and light hues like powder blues and salmon are perfect for the scorching summer days. Don’t worry about styles too. From buttoned-down shirts to oxford collars and mandarin collars, linens shirts are up for grabs in multiple styles and patterns. If you are looking for a modern new brand, try UBIC.

2. Switch up and go dressy for evening soirees

Do you have a sudden evening party to attend? Are you short on time with no fresh changes? No problem! Linen shirts epitomise elegance and opulence. Just pop on a summer jacket and pair the shirt with structured and sleek trousers. Guess what? With linen on your body, you could look like you own a yacht.

3. Style linens for formal wear

No surprises here – men have been stacking linen shirts as go-to formal attire for a chic and sharp business look. Pair it with the right separates, and you could totally slay looking like a business big gun. Don’t forget your shoes. It works as the perfect oomph factor for a dapper formal appearance. Wondering which shoes could you wear? Oxford shoes are a perfect choice. 

Wish to look effortlessly elegant and sharp for a business meeting? You can always dress your favourite linen shirt in a cool and comfortable linen summer suit.

4. Dressing down your linens are just as easy

Hopping out for a casual Sunday brunch? Well, keeping it easy-breezy is the only fashion mantra. And what could be more perfect than a light-coloured linen shirt with a smart and snazzy pair of shorts or khakis? The Cherry on the cake – you can skip brainstorming your shoe options. A snug pair of flip-flops are a great accessory to finish a chic but underdressed linen look. However, be mindful of the kind of occasion or the type of place you are dropping by. If flip-flops don’t hit the mark, feel free to slip into some comfy and stylish loafers.

5. Style linens in smart semi-formals 

Have you been mucking your head around style hacks and tips to style linen shirts for men without overdoing it? Guess what? It is more simple than you realise. Just pull out slim-fit trousers or the perfect pair of chinos, and you can wrap up a fine gentleman look in a jiffy. A tip is to keep your colour palette limited to blacks and tans for an irresistibly sharp and regal look. 

Thus, turning a humble linen shirt for men into a multi-purpose outfit is easier than you think. It is surely a boon in men’s fashion and is a staple clothing piece for a capsule wardrobe. So, if you are on the hunt to buy fresh and modern linen shirts, UBIC is undeniably a brand to watch out for.

Frequently Asked Questions Related

Why men should wear linen shirts?

One of the main benefits of linen shirts is their versatility. The linen shirt's smartness is reflected in the accompanying outfit. Casual linen shirts for men are very popular in men's fashion. When worn with loose clothing, linen shirts can be used for many activities.

How do you style a linen shirt for men?

A navy linen shirt is a great choice for a classic look. Lighter blue or white linen shirts are also good choices. For casual wear, pair chinos with deep blue jeans or shorts. For a casual day at work, choose the light blue shirt and loafers.

What is special about linen shirts?

Breathability, Durability, Moisture-wicking, Stylish, Linen is the strongest natural fibre in the world, Linen is a sturdy fabric that can withstand wear and tear, and it is also resistant to dirt and stains, and comfortable to wear, Linen shirts are lightweight

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