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6 Shirts That Are An Absolute Must-Have In Every Man’s Wardrobe

Shirts are unquestionably the no-brainer of wardrobe essentials. Do you agree? From a basic white shirt to formal stripes, every man has a stack of shirts they love repeating. But, hey, do you really think that a pale blue buttoned-down shirt could translate into an elegant date night outfit? A big ‘No.’ It could certainly spell a charm in a serious board meeting, though.

Simply put, the majority of gentlemen have little to no clue about the clothing must-haves. Men are either dressed in classic shirts or in quirky prints. So, congratulations, you are not alone caught up in the rut. Are you rethinking your wardrobe? Wondering if a shopping trip could fix your wardrobe status? Unfortunately not!

The big question now is how to narrow down your choices for a perfectly good wardrobe. Allow us to spill the beans.

Key Things to Keep in Mind:

  1. Explore your personal style
  2. A good wardrobe is a mix of basics and trendy apparel.

Don’t get jumbled trying to figure out your personal style. We know it could be difficult and long. And, if it’s still a long walk, just follow the list of ‘Shirt Essentials’ to stay on top of your style game. Moreover, creating a wardrobe is a slow and long process. The longer you take and the more mindful you get, the better your wardrobe looks. After all, a man’s wardrobe is more than just a checklist of clothing specifics. It is a reflection of your style, choices, and aura. So, let’s go ahead and read about the absolute must-haves for men’s wardrobes.

Staple Shirts to Stack in Your Wardrobe

A Classic White Shirt

If there’s ever an outfit made that defines safe-bet, it is undeniably a classic white shirt. A formal affair or a fashion emergency, a slim-fit white shirt is a faultless, versatile, and iconic outfit.

Do you know that stories of white shirts are centuries old? It was in the beautiful Victorian era when noblemen, landlords, earls, and the aristocrats of the society dressed in plain white shirt outfits to flaunt their sobriety, class distinction, and of course, wealth. It was then, and now, white shirts continue to rule as an emblem of elegance and good taste. Don’t you remember James Bond? Barry Nelson or Roger Moore, the bold English attitude ruled the silver screens in sharp white shirts.


When speaking about the ABCD of men’s wardrobe, you certainly cannot miss the OBCD. Very few know that the OBCD or Oxford Cloth Button Down Shirt is a versatile and timeless piece of shirt that is easy to style up and even easier to style down. Classic and regal, the solid-hued shirt is inspired by the uniform of Polo Players, epitomizing chivalry, sportsmanship, and class with an edge. Wondering if you could style it with a classic pair of denim or trousers? Well, absolutely, yes.

Comfortable linens

The comfort factor and soft touch of linens are not unheard of. Make sure you always have room for a soft and breathable fabric like linen in your wardrobe. Wondering why? Well, why not? Linens are a perfect pick to beat the extremely warm climate in India. Moreover, linen shirts are stylish and tick the box for casual and formal events.

If you are wondering where to shop, explore UBIC shirts in various designs and colours.

The Breezy Resort Shirt

Funky prints, Cuban collars, and lightweight fabric – what more do you need to sum up a beachside vacation in your wardrobe? The relaxed fit and abstract graphic prints serve as a statement piece to liven a boring and drab wardrobe. Besides, if you are feeling low and a little too outmoded, some pops of colours and easy breezy resort fits can gussy you up in a minute. To shop exclusive shirts and t-shirts for men, you can always try UBIC clothing.

Workwear Stripes

Are you still living in the good old Zoom life, or have you resumed regular office? Regardless, a classic striped shirt is a must-have in all wardrobes. The shirt is undoubtedly a versatile piece of clothing that’s smart, easy to style, and perfect for almost all occasions.


Do you know what overshirts are? Once known as a ‘Shacket,’ the garment is a mix between a shirt and a jacket. While it’s still debatable if overshirts are a wardrobe staple or not, the garment is indeed a fancy addition to a man’s wardrobe. Use the shirt as a layer or strut out in a casual outfit. An overshirt looks effortlessly fashionable.

Smart Tips to Remember:

  • Basics are always in vogue
  • Choose a fit that flatters your structure and body type. 

(Yes, we get it; loose fits are in. But, if baggy styles and loose hems don’t compliment your structure well, it might look ill-fit and unappealing).

  • If you are muddled with colours and prints, go ahead and choose basic colours like white, blue, beige, black, etc.

 Thus, now that you know what to keep and the clothes you need to depart from, are you excited to shop more thoughtfully? Great! Try UBIC online shopping today! Explore an exclusive line-up of basic and trendsetting apparel that caters to the taste of fashion shoppers and the not-so-fashion-friendly. Follow the guidelines and make smart picks that fit all occasions.