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7 Ways for Guys to Wear an Oversized T-shirt

Well, we’ve had enough of the slim fit, skin fit, and regular fit t-shirts! Oversized and baggy t-shirts are back in trend, and you can’t deny you’re seeing everyone from college dudes to gym bros and even guys in the metro wearing them. 

These loose-fit t-shirts mark one of the simplest and most trendy ways to show off your style and carry a polished feel. Falling below your waistline, these baggy shirts come in a range of styles you can choose from, and make sure you rock in them effortlessly. 

Let’s have a look at the top 7 ways in which you can slay in oversized t-shirts.

Oh, wait! There are some crucial factors you need to ponder upon first before jumping into the styling, and they are:

  • By oversized t-shirts, we mean t-shirts large enough in the torso or waist to be tucked into pants or worn with a belt. 
  • The length of your t-shirt will have a significant role to play. It should fall just above your knees if you’re wearing shorts or to your mid-thigh when you’re wearing slim jeans. 
  • A size that allows you to put your hands in your pockets and cross your arms without too much restriction would be perfect.

We can proceed to the styling ways now!

Top 7 Ways to Style Oversized T-shirts - UBIC Men Styling

Layering Your Oversized T-shirt with a Denim Jacket

Want a long-lasting, ready-to-go look with your oversized t-shirt? Layer it with a denim shirt to step out in a classy look that never goes out of style and fashion. A simple, sober look to make the best of your evening date, with white sneakers being an excellent addition.

Baggy Over Baggy Slouchy Look

Ever given thought to pairing your oversized t-shirt with lounge pants? Wouldn’t it be a great combination? It definitely is a great combination to try and pass those lazy days in a comfortable look. Tucking inside your pants or letting your t-shirt hang free is up to you, but you now have your go-to long-drive outfit with you.

How About Athletic Shorts with Baggy T-shirts

And here, we have the perfect combo for a casual hangout with our friends. It’s so hot out there, and you definitely don’t want to look all drenched in sweat while the three of you ride on a two-wheeler to the nearest ‘Chai’ corner. Not just for the patty, you can wear this outfit to the gym for a light workout and especially when you don’t feel like going crazy like Vegeta in the gym!

Taking You Back to the Good Old Days

Know the strangest thing about fashion? It works in a cycle, and what was once outdated will become the most trendy outfit in no time. As we can see now, the 80s and 90s are back in style! The next time you’re asked to carry the most casual look on a working Saturday in your office, you know you need to show up in bold colors and baggy jeans.

Stripes and Patterns Are Good

Want to look more subtle? Forget about those graphic tees and try oversized t-shirts with a trendy pattern or stripes! Classic blue jeans or joggers would get the work done well to balance out your look and mark your presence at an informal hangout session.

Keeping it Plain and Simple

Want to keep it simple yet elegant? Try pairing a light-colored XXL t-shirt with your favorite pair of sneakers and dark-colored jeans. Get more with this look by complementing it with sunglasses and a cap if you want. It’s a plus if you are one of the dudes with chains and rings. Trust me; it’s a win-win, and never will you find someone addressing oversized t-shirts for men as not an ideal outfit.

T-shirt Layering Full-Sleeves

The monsoon season in India isn’t that hot, and you can definitely give this style a try. Try layering a white color full-sleeve t-shirt with a dark-colored oversized t-shirt, and wear it with striped blue jeans. Got what we are talking about? Yes, here’s a fool-proof combo that is not gonna let you down at all.

Final Say

Well, the list can go on and on, but you’ve got an idea of how to style your oversized t-shirt and bring a change to your outfit. Don’t stress about the oversized t-shirts reaching up to your elbows and making all your gains disappear! It’s a really cool getaway, and you’ll love the comfort it brings along.

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