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Clothing Style Guide For The Different Male Body Types

Ever wondered why a shirt that looks good on a mannequin doesn't look the same on you? Well, rarely do we realize that every man has a unique body shape and structure. As for men, very few truly care about distinct styles and fashions best suited for individual body types. Result? An outfit fails to hit the mark the way you had pictured while shopping.

So, do you have that perfect stack of white shirts for men, but you are sad that none of the shirts quite flatter your features? Also, are you an absolute rookie while playing dress-up as per your body type? Well, we are here to rescue you from the fashion bummer!

Let's begin by addressing the "Which male body shape are you?"

Did you know that men are known to have five distinct body types? Do you know which one you are? Let's spill the beans:

1. The Rectangle 

Believe it or not, it is one of the most common body shapes in men. Did you ever carefully notice why structured denim shirts men look ridiculously flattering on David Beckham? Well, only because the celebrity features a rectangular body shape. 

So, what is the rectangle body shape all about? Simply put, men with flat torsos and a tapered structure around the hips define a rectangular shape.

2. The Triangle

If you know a little about female fashion, you've definitely heard about a classic 'Pear Shape.' Wondering what's the relevance, especially when we are discussing male body shapes? Frankly, 'Triangle' is just a manlier name for gender. It highlights the same features as women carrying a little excess weight around the middle. What's more, men with a triangle body shape often showcase sloping shoulder lines and a figuratively narrow chest.

Now you know why mens denim shirts and jeans with a little extra flare look irresistibly chic and voguish on David Williams.

3. The Inverted Triangle

Are you a gym rat? If yes, you've definitely been training hard and pulling up lofty weights to rock a lean 'V' structure. For us, though, it is the inverted triangle, a very rare body shape featuring a brawny and muscular structure on the upper half of the body, and the shape fluidly tapers down around the waist and hips for that perfect 'V' like appearance. Jason Statham and Usain Bolt, the celebs, flaunt an impressive V body type.

4. The Oval

It is a no-brainer that the oval body type features excess flabs and body weight in the upper half. Go back and flip through the snaps of Elton John and Boris Johnson to understand what the oval shape is all about.

5. The Rhomboid 

Do you like Daniel Craig? Don't you love how well-built Craig looks? Well, he is the perfect example of the Rhomboid body type. In fact, most athletes around the world feature a lanky and athletic 'Rhomboid' structure. The body shape does resemble the rectangular structure. However, it is a tad different, with the shape protruding slightly around the hips.

Use this guide to identify your body type. Once you know your distinct shape, it is easy to choose clothes that impressively play up to your body shape.

Clothing styles that perfectly complement men's body types

Half-sleeve shirts for men or simple casual shirts, shopping for clothes is unquestionably tricky when you are spoilt for choice. Besides, finding that perfect tailor-made piece that flatters your body just the way it appears on a mannequin is not easy.

Thus, we help you choose outfits that are meant to play up to your curves flawlessly. Here are decoding clothing styles for male body types.

What's 'The Fit' for a rectangle body shape?

Layering is the magic technique to enhance a rectangle structure. Whether you are wearing a striped mens shirt or solid casual wear, a simple blazer or a jacket can amp your fashion game like no one's business. Men with a rectangular body type can really play up trends by using accessories like scarves to enhance the structure. Also, if layering seems tricky, you can always add pops of colours or detailed shirts to dial up your style game. 

How to go dressy in a triangle body shape?

At this point, we can rightly conclude that layering crops up as a fashion staple. It effortlessly enhances a man's structure and streamlines attention to the torso. Little do you know that trench coats and blazers with structured shoulder pads look great for men with a triangle body type. Slip into your regular pair of chinos and throw in patterned or peppy colour shirts to look like you've just walked the red carpet.

Styling tips to slay the inverted triangle body type 

Horizontal stripes, neutral men's casual shirts, and V-neck t-shirts are perfectly meant for this body shape. Wondering why? Well, the only real objective when styling men with an inverted triangle body structure is to redirect the focus from the torso to the other focal points in a male physique.

What's for the oval shape?

Do you love dressing up in skinny fits and patterned shirts? Well, it is a big no for men with an oval body shape. Patterns draw attention to your torso. So, stay away from anything that's catchy, poppy, or patterned. You can always try layering your attire, though, or accessorize with bow-ties, suspenders, etc.

The 'It Fit' for the Rhomboid

If you own this shape, slim-fit trousers, and mens striped shirt is your best bet. Also, regardless of how comfortable baggy trousers and joggers appear, the clothes are nothing but a bummer.

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