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How to Style a Denim Shirt Effortlessly – Inspiring Outfit Ideas by UBIC

If you’ve been looking for style inspirations and options while wondering how to wear a denim shirt to ensure seamless perfection, then don’t stress it anymore. We’ve got you!

It was back in the 1800s when denim shirts were considered laborer clothes, and no one would dare relate them to fashion! Thanks to Western films for shifting denim shirts from workwear into a covetable fashion item, boasting a rebellious and cool edge!

The time when denim shirts were considered reserved for ‘dads out of fashion’ is gone! All we now have are endless styling combinations and possibilities when it comes to denim shirts.

So, you’ve got a denim shirt collection hidden in your wardrobe; take it out and let it breathe to help you nail denim shirts of all shades with an affirmation of effortless, bohemian finish. 

Today, we’ve brought five denim styling combinations for you to rock like an awesome dude!

5 Denim Shirt Styling Inspirations from UBIC

Denim Shirt and Jeans?

“Wouldn’t it look odd wearing out? I mean, it’s like wearing jeans throughout!” Zip it right there! Don’t have second thoughts about stepping out in the double denim combination, also called the Canadian Tuxedo!

We’re not saying go all blue, even if we know you’ll look good in that too! Choose the right combination, such as pairing white jeans with a light blue denim shirt or a dark blue denim shirt with black jeans! You got our point, right? Style this combination with sneakers or boots, and thank us later!

Rocking Denim Shirt with Chinos

Even though denim has a start that’s not so glorious, you can still dress it up for an occasion without worrying about your looks. Pairing your denim shirt with light-colored chinos would get the job done for you. Be selective when it comes to accessories you’d take on! Shop from a wide collection of men's denim shirts from UBIC.

Styling Denim Shirt with Shorts

Of course, you can do that, provided you’re away from winter. Half tuck or no tuck, it all depends on you, but you’ll definitely be a good watch at the airport. Pick on a dashing and rich look by pairing your denim shirt and shorts with a shade. Shop from UBIC if you are looking forward to getting your hands on the best quality branded shirt for men.

How About Suits and Denim Shirts?

Formal attire with a touch of quirkiness won’t be that bad! Though unconventional, pairing your denim shirt with a suit will mark the perfect outfit for a business meeting or a semi-formal event. A suit jacket, a tie, and a denim shirt are good if you’re feeling on top of the world today.

Beware of wearing this combination at one of your family weddings; we’re definitely not going to raise our hands up for that! Try to wear a shirt that’s not too heavy under the jacket in order to avoid the bulky look.

Denim Overshirt with White T’s Underneath

Denim marks the perfect fabric for layering, specifically if we talk during transitional seasons. A pair of black jeans with a denim shirt layered over a white t-shirt will provide you with a go-to effortlessly stylish look.

This combination will give you some heads up on a casual day out or even at club parties with your friends.

Final Takeaway

If you’re still having doubts about wearing those denim shirts in your closet, then think again! These combinations will definitely give you an edge, provided you style them right! Denim shirt outfits stand true to the versatility and style expected from them, irrespective of the type of event you’ve planned them for.

Wanna play it safe? Pair your denim shirts with neutral colors such as grey, navy, and black. Up for some experimenting and participating in a quest to find out the best combination? Try different styles and combinations while keeping them balanced to land a perfect style statement complementing your personality.

Get your hands on the best denim shirts for men at UBIC shirts.

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