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How To Wear Stylishy Striped Shirt Flawlessly?

A striped shirt is a closet essential. Do you agree? First worn by the Breton fishermen, stripe shirts have had a fair run since history. Did you know the French Navy seamen were spotted wearing stripe shirts as their official uniform in 1858? Yes, stripes are that old! Classic but versatile stripe shirts symbolise a legacy in fashion. This quite explains why stripes are still a pivotal part of men’s wardrobes.

If there’s anything that makes it to the list of forever favourite wardrobe pieces, stripe shirts are not a miss. Insanely chic and incredibly fashionable, a striped shirt hits the mark for all occasions. Also, styling a striped shirt outfit is pretty easy. Thinking of pairing the classic with staple black trousers or denim? Well, that’s primaeval! Little do you know that the possibilities of styling a closet staple are endless, and stripe shirts are certainly no exception?

Looking for a few styling hacks? Well, you are definitely in luck! We love breaking down tips and hacks to pull you out of the rut and explore new combinations. So, let’s get started.

How to Wear a striped shirt outfit

Nailing a striped shirt look is certainly no rocket science. Don't you agree? Well, let’s prove you wrong.

1. Classics are classics for a reason

When it comes to colour, men love to play it safe. Now you know why there’s an abundance of whites, blacks and blues in a man’s wardrobe. As boring as it sounds, not all classics are a bummer. For instance, you can never go wrong in black and white. Formal or casual, a black and white shirt outfit idea always hits the mark. Besides, dressing down or dressing up in a striped shirt is easier than you think.

2. Carefully choose your bottoms

Of course, selecting the right set of bottoms is just as crucial. Chinos, denim, or slacks, all bottoms complement a sharp stripe shirt outfit. What matters, though, is picking the right colour tone. For example, if you are not too keen on experimenting with your basic stripes with pops of colours, we are definitely not judging you. In fact, neutrals pair great with a classic stripe shirt. 

However, do you know a rule of thumb that makes any man look flawlessly well put? Picking out a bottom that matches the colour of the stripes. Let’s elaborate – if the stripes on your shirt are in blue and white, you could easily club the outfit with a pair of cool blue denim to look fashionably well-groomed.

3. Layers do the talking

Men or women, layering outfits is a fashion etiquette. Not sure how you could figure out what layers to add? Simple and chic additions like ties and scarves work wonders in amping up the aesthetic of a whole formal-elegant look. Besides, if the temperatures are dropping, you could always pull out your favourite trench coats and jackets and layer them with a classic stripe shirt.

Wondering if there’s a way to dress down the sharp stripe fashion without dressing it down too much? Of course, there is! You could stack a classic denim jacket with your shirt or turn up your style game by layering an informal blazer with your pretty stripes. What’s key to remember, though, is the occasion you are attending. For instance, a denim and stripe duo looks effortlessly smart and contemporary for brunch or casual gatherings. However, a blazer and striped shirt looks classy and up-to-the-minute for a formal affair. 

4. Try playing with patterns 

We have certainly explained the importance of picking the right colours to create a good-looking stripe shirt ensemble. However, if you are a brave heart, go ahead and juggle with patterns to give your understated stripe shirt look a peppy touch.

A word of advice: Be extra mindful of the colours you choose. Horizontal or vertical stripes, pairing patterns can be a bold game changer. So, make a wise pick. 

Do stripes complement every body type?

Stripe branded shirts men, although classic, are up for grabs in different designs. Do you know why? Well, there is a striped shirt for every occasion and every body type. Men are often too busy to evaluate fashion theories. Of course, the world is changing, and men, too, are turning into fashion shoppers. Therefore understanding which stripe outfit works best for your body type is absolutely crucial. For example, vertical stripes give a tall and slim illusion. Horizontal stripes, on the contrary, lend a broader illusion to your diaphragm. Thus, as we always advise, use your smarts when choosing a classic stripe shirt.

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