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The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Men’s Shorts Collar Shirts, Oversized T-Shirt, Half Sleeves

Don’t you wish to live in the comfort of shorts forever? But would you believe that this small piece of garment is one of the most debatable wardrobe items ever? Men of all ages have questioned if shorts truly hold a place among ‘wardrobe staples.’ The answers have been polarizing.

So, what’s your pick – do you love getting dressy in shorts or letting the old-fashioned insecurity play your mind? If you choose the first option, we have some amazing style hacks and cheats to help you slay in outfits like shorts. Little did you know that styling shorts with short collar shirts look dapper and uber-rich. Of course, t-shirts and shorts are for fashion veterans.

How to slay the ‘Shorts’ look in style?

Do you know the what’s and when’s of wearing shorts? Well, 50% of the folks love to be clothed in shorts just for the heck of comfort.

Unfortunately, these men end up looking drab and unflattering in shorts. Don’t worry! We will unveil the fashion cheats to help you rock a chic and smart look in shorts.

When should you wear shorts?

Get it, boy! Shorts are typical summer-weather clothing. So, if you are looking to lounge outdoors in the heat and feel airy and comfortable in your skin, shorts are the best attire.

However, if you think it is appropriate to strut out donned in a pair of casual shorts for a business meeting, you are definitely mistaken. Why just shorts? Playwear or casual clothing pieces like an oversized t-shirt for men don’t cut the grades for formal meetings. Speaking of workplace dress codes, there are casual workspaces that may allow shorts as a casual formal. Should you wear it, though? Well, deciphering the unspoken dress code in the boardroom may be ideal first. Here’s how:

  • Look around and evaluate the people in the same meeting
  • Analyse the situation 
  • And, finally, decode the unspoken ‘dress norm’ in the room.

‘Business casual’ refers to trousers, linen bottoms, short collar shirts, etc. Going dressy in shorts for a casual business meeting is a little too aggressive.

We suggest you stick by a golden rule:

“Never wear shorts unless you feel pleasantly comfortable in your casual attire.”

How to choose the right kind of shorts?

Shorts, much like pants, come in a variety of colours, lengths, patterns, and styles. Hence, choosing a pair of shorts from an array of options that flatter your body type could undoubtedly throw you in a pickle. Also, men rarely care when shopping for shorts. Frankly, anything that appeals to the eye stands out as a good buy. Is it the right shopping tip, though? Definitely not!

Whether it is a t-shirt, shorts, or apparel in half sleeves for men, being mindful of the fit, colour, and length is critical. Think about it – an unflattering length of shorts could give you a petite and dwarf-life appeal. An ill-fitted one can make you look like a fashion disaster. So, choosing the right pair of shorts is above everything.

Wondering how to suss out the good and best-suited shorts from the ugly ones? Let’s help you with the list!

  1. Understand your body type before you hop out shopping for shorts. 
  2. Keep an eye on the details. A tailored fit is the best recommended. Your shorts should not feel too tight on the hamstrings or too loose or ill-fitted. 
  3. Shorts with a tapered leg opening are in the trend. Do you assume tapered ends as tight fits? Well, you are wrong! It only means that the hem widths are narrowed to define your thighs.
  4. Pleats on shorts are not as flattering as draped fabric on trousers. Choose shorts with a neat flat front instead. It looks flawlessly flattering, pretty much universally. 
  5. A pair of shorts is only good if it is anywhere between 1 inch – 4 inches. However, much depends on your height. The inseam should end at the right length. Be extremely watchful about this! 
  6. Are you an admirer of elastic waistbands? Yes, we get it! Soft elastics glide onto your skin like butter and are very comfortable. However, elastics disapprove of the fashion trends. It looks unattractive, less flattering, and awful. So, skip stacking those elastic waist shorts. Oversized or skinny fits can throw off the balance and appeal of smart casual attire. So, please avoid it! 

What shirts or t-shirts look good with shorts?

There’s no way you could wrap up an uber-cool and sassy short look without donning the right kind of shirt or t-shirt. Hence, explore clothing options that pair well with shorts. Looking for some inference? Let’s read:

  • A buttoned-down shirt with tapered linen shorts is a chic and classic mix, lending a pricey and elegant look to your attire.
  • Short collar shirts, preferably in pastel or neutral colours, look seamlessly perfect with nice and fitted shorts.
  • Polo t-shirts are a must-have when you are scoring a fresh new wardrobe to fit in your shorts stack.

If you are out of options and searching for trendy but not too over-the-top menswear, try UBIC. The brand brings a line-up of versatile menswear for the fashion forward. Explore all options and make your apparel experience extraordinary.

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