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Top 5 Men's Fashion Trends to Follow This Summer

We know you've been waiting for an update on the latest summer fashion trends from us, just like the NCR people are waiting for rain in this scorching heat! 

Well, we are here with the top 5 men's fashion trends for you this summer that will help you keep your cool and preserve your charm amidst all this heat! It's not that we don't trust your fashion sense, but the ones we've brought to you are definitely gonna elevate your style game.

The core of every fashion trend that is considered sensible is to bring about the perfect balance between style and comfort. It's because when you know you look good, you're confident, and provided that you are comfortable at the same time, you'll have a soothing aura around you. Signifying peace, calmness, and a cool vibe!

But wait! Why are we suggesting you hop on to the latest summer fashion trends? 

Don't you have any questions in your mind? Nothing related to why you need to hop on to new trends when you can easily get through the summer season just by sticking to the traditional fashion. Well, being your one-stop fashion setter, we believe it's our duty to let you know the importance of adapting to new fashion trends. 

It's fun! Yes, trying new fashion trends is definitely fun! Even though you might be killing every corner, trying new fashion trends can be extremely beneficial to break out from your usual style. Now without wasting much time, let's get on to the top 5 men's fashion trends that will steer you through this summer in style! 

5 Fashion Trends You Must Consider This Summer

Tight is Not the Best, Not Every Time!

Remember, we are talking about summer fashion trends! Hence, our prime goal is to seek comfort in whatever we wear! Loose or oversized, it's your choice, but your calmness and mood throughout the day will be dependent on how comfortable you feel. So, go for something that's not too sticky to your skin, is made from a breathable material, and is fashionable at the same time. 

Stripes Are Your Friends

Though you must already have them in your closet, we know you prefer less of them! Why? Not disclosed yet! Try wearing the striped mens shirt more this summer cause we know it's just sitting idle in your wardrobe and it is among the best half sleeve shirts for men! There's a scientific surprise for you if you are convinced to wear these this summer! You'll look sleek and a bit taller if you go with vertical stripes and wider with horizontal stripes! Isn't it amazing? Of course, it is! Polo stripes can be great office wear! Get those summer printed shirts from UBIC today!

Ever Tried Bowling Shirts? 

Short-sleeved boxy style shirts, most commonly worn during bowling! Any idea? Okay, we get it. You've never worn any of those! Well, these are not the traditional bowling-only shirts anymore! There have been alterations in terms of designs, colors, and patterns, just in the bracket to make you look stylish and cool! So, gentlemen, a date in this bowling shirt is gonna be fashionable; trust us! 

O-T-K Shorts Can Be a Cool Addition! 

It's not something from North Korea, and you're safe! O-T-K is just a personalized acronym for 'Over the Knee' shorts. Yeah, it was that simple! So, remaining cool was the goal, right? These shorts will surely give a casual vibe without compromising your style statement! Just pair it with a half-sleeve cotton light-colored shirt from UBIC shirts and some trendy sneakers, and you'll be all set to gain compliments. 

Coastline Layering Saves a Great Evening

How can we forget the summertime is a fun time too! It's time to show off your beach bodies! Okay, we get it, you'll be all soaked up throughout the day, but it does get a bit cooler during the evening, right? So, how to style when it's time to put on some clothes while on a walk with your partner on the seashore? Layering! Just a white or light blue cotton shirt over a T-shirt would work. If you've brought a zipper, you can wear it half-zipped to get a really nice look. 

A Pleasant Sum Up! 

Dressing for summer is fun, but here's a pro tip! From the quality of the clothes to the colors you choose, the style you adopt, and the fashion you select, everything reflects who you truly are! 

Not all trends are to be followed! Don't go for styles that you're not confident about, the styles that modern society is forcing upon men in the name of the 'new normal.' Tank tops, bare bellies, or leather mini shorts are not what you're made for!