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5 Things To Keep In Mind When Wearing A Suit

Why Wear a Shirt For Suit?

President John F Kennedy, George Clooney, or Gabriel Swann Macht, the famed Harvey Specter from the USA Network Series' Suits' – the men have surely shown how to rock a formal suit look effortlessly. A once-worn royal court dress, a classic business suit has epitomized men's true wardrobe since history. Of course, the elaborated suit styles of monarchies in the 19th century have been simplified and refined over the years. Quite explains why frock coats and loose sack suits Shirts are no longer donned by men anywhere in the world.

Enough with history. Do you love styling suits in more than one way? Well, the outfit is truly synonymous with class, taste, and elegance. However, playing 'dress up' in suits has rules too. Surprised? Never knew menswear came with rules? Well, you have definitely been throwing stones in the dark. Now let's put an end to the cheat sheet and guide you with the right do's and don'ts to wear a suit.

Insider Tips for Pulling off a Dapper Suit Look

1. Should You Button the Bottom Button of a Formal Suit? Never! It Is a Sin!

If you haven't followed it already on the screens, men never button the last button in a suit. Hey, it's not a trend but a fundamental rule. Just because there are rows of buttons in a suit doesn't mean you need to clam it all. Besides, it lets you walk and talk with ease and not feel oddly compressed around your tummy. Hence, keep your second button undone. Period.

2. Know When to Button and When to Unbutton the Suit

Do you know what's a thumb rule in men's fashion? Comfort. As simple as it sounds, people often abandon comfort for the heck of style, and suit is no exception. Here's the key rule: never keep your suit buttoned up when you are sitting for a meal or a formal business meeting. Thinking why? Well, the buttons could pop out and look ill-fitted and not very chic for a suit.

3. A Perfect Suit Shirt is When it is the Right Colour and Neatly Buttoned

We definitely don't mean to puzzle you, but the rules are crisp and clear. Unlike suits, the buttons in suit shirts for men are meant to be clammed up.

So, if there's a top button in a shirt, you must clasp the button and not leave it unbuttoned. In fact, there's more than just the buttons you need to keep an eye on. As the rules go on, the crisp lines of a shirt collar should always fall in place with the suit collar. Also, your shirt cuff length should always be the right length; at least a quarter of the inch should pop from beneath your shirt sleeve.

Believe it or not, the sleeves of suit shirts for men impart a sharp, poised, and well-groomed appearance. Besides, never forget that selecting the right shade of a dress shirt is just as critical. Here's what you need to know:

  • Multi-coloured anything could break a formal and classy suit look
  • Never dress in the same colour shirt as your suit. Little do you realize that the shades blend in, giving an awkward and unsightly appearance.
  • Suit shirts for men should always be a shade lighter or strikingly contrast with the shade of the suit.

4. a Shirt Should Be Close-Lipped but Not Very Close to Leaving You Gasping for Breath

Yes, a buttoned-up shirt is a perfect pair for your suit. However, if you are too uncomfortable or feel that the collars choke you, it might be right to switch your dress shirt with a new one. Are you curious to know about a small hack? Always place two fingers between your collar and skin to check if the fit is right. Also, bear in mind that shirts shrink depending on the quality or type of fabric used. Hence, choosing collars that flatter your face shape is key to slaying a killer suit look.

Shopping shirts are no cakewalk. Men rarely care to acknowledge some key factors before selecting a shirt that's best fit for their body type and face shape. For example, if you have a round or a circle face, nothing flatters your face shape better than traditional and buttoned-down shirts. In fact, such shirts make faces look lean and sharp. If you have an angular or an oval face, on the contrary, you could look just as sharp and shapely in any collar style – winged, speared, spread out or cut away collar styles. Well, you can always look up shirts.

5. Rethink Where Your Tie Should End

Unless it's a bow tie, your tie should not be hanging like no one's business. To date, 80% of men are not aware of the ideal tie length. Are you in the same boat? Well, let's guide you about the right tie length. A tie is a right length only when it touches the belt buckle. If your tie is hanging way above or below the belt buckle, it is no good and a fashion bummer.

Follow these five incredible hacks to style your formal and fitted suits in a true iconic flavour. clothing, you can ditch following the sartorial styles blindly. Choose from an array of styles and colours to curate a dressy wardrobe of your own.

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